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Tani's Search for the Heart

Tani's Search for the Heart is a children's book written and illustrated by Keith and Chenoa Egawa. Following the death of her beloved grandmother, Tani, a young Native American girl, embarks on a journey through the forests of the Pacific Northwest; abiding by her grandmother’s guidance to find “the heart of all things.” Not knowing if she will recognize the answers she seeks, Tani is helped along the way by the wise animals of the forest, the magical Stick Indian, and the guiding spirit of her departed grandmother. While overcoming the challenges of both landscape and her own self-doubt, Tani begins to awaken the ancient cultural knowledge carried by her people through the generations; gradually discovering the gifts and wisdom within her that lead her to find her own special purpose and place in the world. You can also buy the book from our publisher's website CreateSpace, or on Amazon.com for your shopping convenience